The mission of the SCDTSEA
is to support and advance traffic safety and education among commercial and public driving schools. The members work together to promote solutions and laws related to driver safety and education.
All three recipients of the SCDTSEA Lifetime Service in Driver and Traffic Safety Education Award
The purpose of the SCDTSEA
  1. Serve as spokesperson for driver & traffic safety education educators in South Carolina
  2. Advance the cause of driver & traffic safety education for all individuals.
  3. Stimulate the general interest of all individuals in the total program of driver & traffic safety through a wide variety of informative resources.
  4. Promote professional excellence along with the basic importance of the safety educator in the learning process. Protect the rights of safety educators and advance their interests and welfare.
Letter from the Former President

Dear Driver & Traffic Safety Education Colleagues,

The conference evaluations showed that attendees benefited greatly from the 2016 SCDTSEA Conference. If you were not with us, you may want to email our main speaker to request a few DVDs – Andy Pilgrim, In this regard, please plan on attending the 2017 SCDTSEA Conference that will again be at Blythewood’s SCDMV, Friday, December 1. The 2017 Poster Contest theme is “Driving Attitudes” and the poster size is 22x28. Each school can submit up to eight posters and the student’s name, address, phone number and name of the school must be on the back of the poster. The top three selections by exhibitors at the 2017 conference will be $300, $200 and $100. Teachers from the schools must be present for the students to win.

You can greatly help the Awards Committee by considering worthy applicants for Commercial Driver Educator of the Year, Commercial Driving School of the Year, High School Driver Educator of the Year and Administrator of the Year. Please write out reasons for your selection and send to

If you have good teaching ideas that you would like to share with SCDTSEA to put on our website, please share! Tommy Price, one of the SCDTSEA Board members wrote me “saw an ad on TV for this site and thought I would forward it to you to send to others” and here it is: It is so good for everyone in driver and traffic safety education to work together as a team to strive for the best results and accomplishments. We need to do better to help reduce teenage crashes and deaths.


Joe Sabbadino
Past President, SCDTSEA