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Dear Potential SCDTSEA Member,

You’re joining the only state professional organization that recognizes public, private and commercial school driver and traffic safety education will strengthen our traffic safety education program.

SCDTSEA provides unity, mutual sharing, knowledge, a sounding board, and friendly acquaintance and good fellowship that is not available elsewhere.

Join us now and help make a potentially great association even better. Urge your colleagues to join SCDTSEA to strengthen our traffic safety education programs.

Why does a person join his professional organization?

  • He is proud to be a safety educator.
  • He wants to raise the status of his profession.
  • He believes that professional standards should be developed by the profession.
  • He believes that driver & traffic safety education needs a united voice with
  • which to speak to the state and nation.
  • He believes that SCDTSEA promotes his security and welfare.

SCDTSEA seeks to be a profession that:

  • Is based on a body of specialized knowledge
  • Seeks competence in its membership
  • Serves the needs of its members
  • Has ethical standards
  • Influences public policy in its field
  • And, has group solidarity

Join to show that you are proud to be a driver educator. Join to strengthen SCDTSEA that promotes our security and status. SCDTSEA is your voice for driver and traffic safety education.

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