The mission of the SCDTSEA

is to support and advance traffic safety and education among commercial and public driving schools. The members work together to promote solutions and laws related to driver safety and education.

All three recipients of the SCDTSEA Lifetime Service in Driver and Traffic Safety Education Award
The purpose of the SCDTSEA
  1. Serve as spokesperson for driver & traffic safety education educators in South Carolina
  2. Advance the cause of driver & traffic safety education for all individuals.
  3. Stimulate the general interest of all individuals in the total program of driver & traffic safety through a wide variety of informative resources.
  4. Promote professional excellence along with the basic importance of the safety educator in the learning process.
    Protect the rights of safety educators and advance their interests and welfare.
Message From the President-Elect

The 2018 SCDTSEA Conference is scheduled for November 30, 2018, at Blythewood’s SCDMV. This year’s theme will be “Safety First.” I hope you will put this date on your schedule. We hope and are working toward having as good a program for you as we have had in the past.

It was decided to give an incentive to teachers for the poster contest. The teacher of the student who wins the first place poster will receive $50. The winning student will receive $300 and a plaque. Second place is $200 and third place is $100. The subject for this year is Seat Belts. May you get your students involved (more information is on the SCDTSEA website).

Representative Bill Taylor has proposed more than the current $25 fine for texting. His bill (H.4480) is called DUI-E and calls for a $150 fine. It is now in Representative Jay West’s sub-committee (Transportation). Please give support as others in driver and traffic safety education have (SCDTSEA included).

There are still so many one vehicle crashes. Distractions and lack of sleep are major causes. Drowsy driving is around the fifth cause for most traffic collisions. Studies show young people need eight hours or more of sleep. I hope you share this problem in your teaching.

Would you like an Operation Driver Excellence Rodeo competition for driver education/driver training students? We used to have AmVets-Dodge state and national tests. It involved written, range and a drivers test. At that time two students were allowed per school. I am trying to see if this could be reinstated again.

Please share things you would like SCDTSEA to be involved in. So far, for the conference, I have sent invitations to Andy Pilgrim, Bill Rhyne and Rick Todd.

Thank you for doing your part for more and better driver and traffic safety education. Keep taking steps for safety! We all want to “Make Safety First and Make It Last.”

Best regards,


Joe Sabbadino
President-Elect, SCDTSEA