We would like to list the expectations of the various awards that are presented by the SCDTSEA. In an effort to provide our colleagues with the necessary information to consider a worthy candidate for nomination. We have always worked hard to try and be as fair as possible when naming the award winners, but providing everyone with the expectations of the nominees will afford us the very best possible candidates as nominees.

Award Criteria
Poster Contest
  • Each school may bring up to 8 student-made posters to the annual SCDTSEA conference.
  • The posters must be on official poster-size poster board.
  • Posters must be on the topic selected for the year. (See the details of the upcoming conference for poster contest topic.)
  • There will be monetary awards for first, second, and third place winners. (The treasurer will send checks to the students.)
  • The student’s complete name, address, phone number and the school’s name must be printed legibly on the back of the poster.
  • The teacher must be present at the fall conference for the poster to be eligible to win.
Administrator of the Year
  • Has been in an administrator’s role (one-half or more than one-half of time in administration) for at least two years.
  • Contributed to improvements of driver education program in school district or state-wide.
  • Shared expertise with others in promoting a higher level of professionalism.
  • Increased the number of students taking driver education.
  • Improved driver education curriculum.
  • Contributed to improvement of teacher performance.
  • Contributed to improvement of driver education teaching facilities.
  • Improved or maintained good relations with automobile dealers through control of driver education automobiles.
  • Conducted community relations activities to inform public of value of driver education.
  • Obtained full support of district superintendent and school board by development of a quality program.
  • Participated in professional association and teacher workshops.
  • Showed interest in SCDTSEA and promoted objectives of driver and traffic safety education.
  • Joined SCDTSEA and ADTSEA.
Commercial Driving School of the Year
  • Operates a SC Commercial School with one to four certified Driver Training teachers.
  • A member in good standing in SCDTSEA (state), Regional or National Driver Training Organization.
  • Operated a commercial driving school for over a one year period.
  • Supports on-going training for staff.
  • Serves on a committee or board relating to driver education/training from a state or national organization.
  • Is active in legislative activities for driver education/training in the state of South Carolina.
Commercial Driving Teacher of the Year
  • Has served the driver training profession for a minimum of three years.
  • Has completed teacher preparation courses beyond the minimum requirement.
  • Has developed and presented exemplary course of instruction.
  • Has taught at least 40 driver training students during the year.
  • Has reputation of a safe driver.
  • Has promoted community recognition of value for driver training.
  • Has developed and maintained good relations with parents.
  • Has shared results of his or her efforts with others teachers.
  • Has been a member of SCDTSEA for three successive years prior to nomination.
  • Has participated in professional association activities and teacher workshops.
  • Has supported adult safety activities.
  • Has shown interest in the national level by being a member of ADTSEA.
  • Involvement in SCDTSEA.
  • Leadership in SCDTSEA.
  • Outstanding program in safety education.
  • Example of professionalism in teaching and living.